Bowie: Words & Music


It’s been a tough few days since the news broke of Bowie’s death. I still feel incredibly sad (and still in some degree of shock) at the loss of an artist  whose music I’ve loved since I was young and who my own children have been growing up listening to. There’s a real sadness at an era passing and the loss of a truly unique and inspiring artist who was commited to following his own path, right to the end.

I’ve tried to write a proper tribute to Bowie and what he meant to me, but I’m not articulate enough to genuinely add something to the many articles written in the last week. Instead I’ve done what I can do OK, compiling and referencing great writing on Bowie and sharing a playlist of my perspective on Bowie’s music … if nothing else it will be something I can refer back to …

Bowie Books:

Low (33 1/3 series) – Hugo Wilcken

My favourite from the excellent 33 1/3 series (a series made for music obsessives like myself!), I’ve read this dozens of times. It’s a short, but engrossing, read on Bowie’s seminal Low album. Starting with the incredible song Station to Station and covering the Berlin period and beyond while looking at the 11 tracks that make up the album.

Pushing Ahead of the Dame / Rebel Rebel – Chris O’Leary (@bowiesongs)

Chris’s blog Pushing Ahead of the Dame is a richly detailed analysis of Bowie’s body of work. I’ve spent countless hours reading through the stories, the influences and the impacts of Bowie’s songs. His first book compiling and refining that analysis covers Bowie’s career up to 1976, finishing with an incredible piece on perhaps Bowie’s greatest work – the song Station to Station

Tony ViscontiThe Autobiography: Bowie, Bolan and the Brooklyn Boy

Tony Visconti is Bowie’s longest-standing, and probably most important, collaborator – working from Bowie’s 2nd album in 1969 to Blackstar released last week. This is a really enjoyable read on Visconti’s life with plenty of Bowie anecdotes.

Bowie Articles / Tributes:

* My wife and I were lucky to be able to see Bowie at this show. It was in fact sort of a “honeymoon” thing for us, being the week after we got married. It was an amazing, career-spanning, show that not even a severe rainstorm could dampen.

Bowie Music

Some obvious choices here … and hopefully a deep cut or two to introduce. This playlist starts with my rough top 10 (for today at least)

The playlist starts with Ashes to Ashes which is probably my absolute favourite song by any artist … it’s easily one of my 2 or 3 most played songs anyway.




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