Agile in the Real World

I’ve recently been collaborating with Cat McRae on our project at NZQA. Our collaboration has included visuals to help guide our team, supporting each other’s project work and talks.

Cat invited me to help her present an IIBA talk introducing Agile project life to a class of around 100 first-year Information Systems students studying business analysis at Victoria University.


Cat talked about her day-to-day work, how our project functioned, what aspects were Agile and what weren’t, and her experiences as a recent graduate. I supported Cat’s topics by covering some of the agile, cross-functional and visual aspects of the project, from my role as our project’s scrum-master. Finally we both covered the visuals we’ve created to support our team.

This was the first public talk I’ve been involved in where I’ve not used slide notes (Cat is already a pro at the no-notes talk). I was surprised and delighted that not only could I get my points across without notes, but I was a more compelling speaker when I simply talked on a topic I enjoy discussing anyway!

This was a really enjoyable talk, that hopefully helped a few first-years better understand how project life works. Cat and I are planning further collaborations on visuals and talks … watch this space!

Musical accompaniment:

The lead track from The Bangles’ ace debut EP, which can be heard in full on Ladies and Gentlemen… The Bangles!


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